Planche Guppy 9
Level: Beginner, Intermédiate Logo Guppy 9

All Around board for light paddlers

The Guppy 9’’ (275cm) features an all around shape that will guarantee maneuverability and stability for beginners and lighter paddlers. Lighter paddlers - up to 80kg - and children can enjoy this new board with a unique 12cm thickness. Wattsup ends with the 10cm thickness entry level boards to offer a stiffer more durable and more stable iSUP.

Included accessories

Pompe HP

High pressure pump

Pagaie 3 sections

3-piece paddle


professional iSUP backpack

SUP Thickness

Thickness: 4'75'' - 12 cm

The ideal balance for light paddlers and wave riding. 12 cm-thick SUPs offer good stiffness while remaining easy to handle and reducing wind drag.

SUP Width

Width: 30’’ - 76 cm

The most common length. This creates enough surface area to offer good stability while keeping the board on low volume to ease maneuverability.

SUP Leight

Length : 9’’ - 275 cm

Suitable for light paddlers, Wattsup developped the Guppy in 9’/275cm. It’s low volume and shorten nose offers you a unique light and easy-to-turn boards.


Length 9’’ / 275 cm
width 30'' / 76 cm
thickness 4'75'' / 12 cm
Volume 175 L
Max Playload 80 kg
Weight board 7.2 kg
Technology Drop Stitch

Kick pad tail

Thicker pad at the back, giving you better leverage and more maneuverability

Optinal kayak seat

4 D-Rings to click a kayak seat on to enjoy seating paddling comfortably

Front elastic bungee for storage

Handy for storing your personal belongings at the front of the SUP board

Padded central handle

Comfortable central handle ot ease the launch of the board

Zoom kick pad Tail Zoom kayak seat Zoom front elastic Zoom central handle Zoom croco skin eva pad Zoom tail handle Zoom central fin Schema planche guppy 9

Unique Croco-skin eva pad

High-end anti-slippery EVA pad. Conceived to enhanced barefoot paddling experience

Tail handle

For better tracking and easy moving in water

Removable center fin thruster set up

Single fin system is the perfect configuration to offer a versatile glide