Drop Stitch

Super Stiff & light

Drop Stitch

Thousands of polyester fibres are held between the SUP’s two outer layers of reinforced PVC. When inflated under high pressure (15 Psi), these filaments tighten and make the board stiffer; that’s the secret of Drop Stitch technology. Wattsup puts particular focus on the density of the filaments used in its boards. Thanks to this new Drop Stitch construction, inflatable SUP boards have become both lighter and stiffer.

Double layer Drop Stitch

Stiffer & More Durable

Drop Stitch Double

Top-of-the-range Drop Stitch technology, tougher and more durable. A second layer of reinforced PVC covers the basic Drop Stitch construction. When inflated under high pressure(15 Psi), these SUP boards guarantee outstanding stiffness and maintain their original shape in all conditions. This technology is suitable for longer boards to provide more rigidity and durability and avoid any twisting or bending.