Carbon Power

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100% Carbon fibre paddle

a unique blend of lightweight, performance and fun for unforgettable SUP sessions. Made entirely of 3k carbon, this paddle is highly responsive and will make you feel the difference at each stroke. Ultra-light – 600g – this 3 sections paddle beneficiate also from Wattsup antitwist system, to compete with 1 piece built paddle.

Model Adjustable between 170 to 215cm
Number of pieces 3
Weight 605g
Handle 100% Carbon-fibre
Shaft 100% Carbon-fibre
Blade 100% Carbon
Blade dimensions 43 x 20.5cm
Angle 15°

Carbon Tech

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Carbon fibre paddle

Wattsup has developed a unique affordable carbon paddle. Shaft and handle of the Carbon Tech are 100% made with 3k Carbon-fibers, when blade is made of PVC, reinforced with Carbon tape. This blending offers a performing paddle while keeping it accessible for any paddler. Similar as the Champion type, this paddle beneficiates from Wattsup anti-twist system to ensure high responsivity and performances.

Model Adjustable between 170 to 215cm
Number of pieces 3
Weight 860g
Handle PVC
Shaft 100% Carbon-fibre
Blade PVC with carbon-fibre finish
Blade dimensions 44 x 22cm
Angle 13°
Carbon power

Antitwist system

Carbon power

Carbon 3K Technology

Carbon power

3 sections Paddle


Dry Bag

Stand Up Paddle is a thrilling sport that’ll make you want to spend hours on the water. Our Dry Bags are made of marine PVC (500D Tarpaulin) to give you all the strength and durability you need. These waterproof bags come in four sizes, 20L, 40L, 60L and 90L, allowing you to keep your gear dry.

material 500D tarpaulin
Available sizes 20L / 40L / 60L / 90L
Specificities Carry handle strap



Take your Smartphone everywhere you go. The Sportable keeps it dry during your SUP sessions. Strap it to your arm or sling it around your neck. Don’t worry about wipe-outs: the Sportable floats thanks to its air pocket. In the Sportable, your smartphone’ll stay safe and sound wherever you may take it!

material Transparent touch-sensitive PVC
Waterproof Up to 20cm
Carry handle Lanyard and Strap

Kayak Seat


The great thing about Stand Up Paddling is that it’s a lot of fun and it’s accessible to so many people. Skiffo pushes the awesomeness of this sport even further by giving paddlers a way to turn their SUP into a genuine kayak with a comfortable seat and foot braces that can be rigged up all the Skiffo boards.

Compatible with all WattSup Models

Coiled Leash

Length Coiled 2’/75cm - stretched out 10’/3m
Diameter 8mm
Type of cord Coiled ans swivelling
Cord material Urethane
Ankle strap material Ultra-comfortable neoprene